Sungevity’s latest iQuote uses LIDAR

Sungevity, the Oakland-based solar installer, has tried to drive down the cost of solar customer acquisition and installations with its iQuote, which gives residential customers solar installation quotes based on aerial imagery and their street address.

On Thursday, Sungevity announced that its newest Instant iQuote, being piloted at select Lowe’s stores in California, combines LIDAR remote sensing technology,  aerial imagery and real estate parcel data to produce a 3D model of the property at a given address.

The company says the new instant quote ability “provides the consumer with the most optimal solar configurations, installation cost, and estimated savings. Results can be modified on the spot based on customers’ design preferences, actual energy usage and other variables.”

“When a homeowner starts to consider solar, the same questions always arise: How much will I save? How much will it cost? How much will it produce? What will it look like?  Due to vast differences in roof shape and size, utility, shading and electricity usage, it has always been next to impossible to provide immediate answers to any of these questions,” said Andrew Birch, Sungevity’s CEO, in a statement. “By overcoming those hurdles, Instant iQuote can expedite solar adoption as well as provide a unique competitive advantage for us and our partners.”

photo by Laura Oda/The Oakland Tribune


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