On topic: Tech news to know now

We scoured the Interwebs and are once again sharing our findings.

Chinese hackers break into U.S. personnel agency’s computer systems, seek info on federal workers who have applied for top-level security clearance.

Yelp alleges Google is favoring Google+ content over Yelp content in U.S. search results.

Apple has shrunk its carbon footprint, the company said in the environmental responsibility report it released Wednesday. But its water consumption has risen.

PC sales find a pulse, according to two research firms. Meanwhile, tablets see first sales decline in first quarter, according to IDC.

Down but not out? Aereo writes judge, outlines survival strategy after the big Supreme Court decision that found it was violating copyright laws. (It wants to be classified as a cable system.)

Zynga board moves — including appointment of Google exec Regina Dugan — comply with Nasdaq rules.

Google services are now accessible in China after more than a month of severe disruption.

Google, Dropbox and others pool patents to fight trolls.

White House is backing away from its pick to head the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after tech-industry backlash. The pharmaceutical executive is known to have been anti-patent reform.

Above image from Yelp


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