Brazil’s not the only one blown away by its World Cup loss… so was Twitter

As Brazilians continue to weep openly in the streets, throw the occasional riot, burn the national flag, curse the team that let them down, and generally have a very bad day as a nation, Twitter is also trying to come to its senses – but for a much more joyous reason:

According to a post on, Germany’s stunning 7-1 thrashing of host country Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals really hit a nerve in Twitterville.

How big of a hit, you ask?

The game has become the most discussed sports game on Twitter so far.

A record 35.6 million tweets were sent during the 90-minute game.

It also broke the tweets-per-minute record, when the fifth goal triggered 580,601 in one minute.

Six of the 10 top-trending topics on Twitter were references to the match, with #BrazilvsGermany taking the top spot.

But wait! There’s more!

Consider these Twitter milestones from the Game That Broke Brazil’s Heart Forever:

Miroslav Klose was the most tweeted German player.

Then came midfielder Toni Kroos.

Julio Cesar, Oscar and Fred were the most tweeted Brazilian players.

As the BBC points out, the tweet-shattering game beat out the previous record for a sporting event on Twitter.

That would be another World Cup match, Brazil v Chile, which recorded 389,000 tweets per minute.

Previous to that the 2014 Superbowl held the record, with 382,000 tweets per minute.

What’ll be most interesting now is whether those game stats on Twitter are broken yet again by today’s semi-final, when Argentina squares off against the Netherlands, or the final game on Sunday when all hell could break loose.

But then again, maybe you won’t have all those Brazilians tweeting away, since they’ll still be drowning their sorrows in bossa nova and caipirinha and shots of cachaca.


Photo: A Brazilian fan at PJ’s Pub in Montreal reacts after the fifth German goal during the Germany-Brazil World Cup soccer semifinal Tuesday. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press/Associated Press)


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