On topic: Tech news to know now

We read the entire Internet so you don’t have to. Here’s what’s going on in the tech world this morning:

Apple patents a way to make all-glass casings for devices. Could this be for a sleeker, lighter iPhone, iPad, or — gasp — TV?

YouTube has added more than 12,000 concert videos, everything from the Sex Pistols to the Newport Jazz Festival to Fleet Foxes, in a deal with MusicVault.

San Francisco backers of an anti-Airbnb initiative have withdrawn their ballot measure, and will push for legislative change instead.

“I’m on a boat!” Google’s latest Street View is onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Cool job posting of the week: Netflix is looking to hire someone to watch movies. (Sorry, gotta be in the UK or Ireland though.)

Tim Cook is reportedly “actively” looking to replace some longtime Apple board members.

Apple is investing $55 million in a 100-acre North Carolina solar farm.

A consortium of tech firms, led by Intel, is seeking to create open-source standards for the Internet of Things.

Forget the Internet of Things, we’re already looking at the Internet of People — look for remote-controlled contraceptive implants soon.

Pinterest’s effort to move into the San Francisco Design Center, which would have displaced a number of tenants, has been tabled.

The very-likely illegal streaming site Popcorn Time is coming to Google’s Chromecast.

Armed men stole $36 million worth of products from a Samsung factory in Brazil.

Less than a month after the departure of Chloe Sladder, Twitter has announced Katie Jacobs Stanton will be its new media chief.

Getting rid of your old Android phone? Watch out, Android’s built-in data-wiping tool fails to delete all personal information, a new study finds.

Mobile payment company Isis, backed by AT&T and Verizon, is rebranding itself so it’s not confused with the Iraqi terrorist group, ISIS.

Uber’s strategy seems to be to make itself too big to ban.

At top:  Sid Vicious, left, and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols perform at San Francisco’s Winterland auditorium in this Jan. 15, 1978 file photo. The concert is now available on YouTube. (Associated Press file photo)


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