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If you’ve been watching for the iWatch, Apple has hired an executive from renowned watch maker Tag Heuer.

Some links deleted by Google in Europe search results have been restored. (Last week, Google notified some media outlets that some of the links to their articles and posts would be deleted from search results because of the “right to be forgotten” ruling.)

What effect will Facebook-experiment backlash have on other data research? Background: Last week, COO Sheryl Sandberg sort of apologized, but fallout continued over Facebook messing with people’s minds and emotions.)

As part of additional security screening, the TSA is requiring passengers of certain U.S.-bound flights to turn on cell phones. So airports such as Heathrow are telling passengers their mobile devices must be charged before boarding.

YouTube, like Netflix, is now publicly shaming ISPs for slow video. (Previously: See Now showing on Netflix: To whom it pays tolls.)

Silent support: Mime troupe is sympathetic to tech workers in San Francisco.

Add this to your list of worries: Google Glass, other video-recording devices can be used to steal your passwords.

San Jose area is the best city for STEM graduates; San Francisco comes in at No. 5, according to NerdWallet.

ReservationHop makes a bunch of restaurant reservations, then sells them for $5 to $10. So some people are crying foul.

People taking selfies are called a threat to the safety of Tour de France riders.


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