Quoted: High-Yo, High-Yo, it’s off to work Yo goes

“Our aim is to develop the ecosystem around Yo… We’re built to last.”

Or Arbel, founder of the Yo mobile app, tells the Wall Street Journal he’s focusing on expanding into notifications for businesses. The app, which allows users to send one-word messages (“Yo,” of course) to one another, has received lots of attention from: the befuddledsarcastichackers, and last but not least, investors. “The attention from investors has been insane,” Arbel told the WSJ, although he didn’t name them. Yo — which supposedly works because users just know the context behind each yo — has reportedly raised $1 million in funding and has more than 1 million users.


Screen grab from Yo’s website


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  • Guest3409

    Until these investors actually come forward with checkbooks this could all be blather.

    But if it is true, this is a sure sign of Bubble 2.0.