Report: Apple to release multiple iWatches this fall

Consumers may finally be able to strap on Apple’s long-rumored iWatch later this year, according to a new report.

The iPhone maker is likely to launch its new wearable device this fall, possibly as early as October, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Taiwanese contract manufacturer Quanta Computer, which assembles some of Apple’s Mac computers, will start trial production of the iWatch next month and could start full-scale production in two months. Quanta is expected to ship 10 million to 15 million of the devices by the end of the year, the Journal reported, citing another anonymous source, this one at a component supplier.

Apple hasn’t yet approved the final design of the iWatch, according to the report. That may be because there will actually be more than one design; Apple is expected to ship “multiple” versions of the iWatch, which will vary in screen size, the Journal reported. The devices will have more than 10 sensors with in to track health and fitness and other activities.

The launch of the iWatch would represent Apple’s first entry into a new product category since it introduced the iPad more than four years ago. The company has been under increasing pressure to demonstrate that it can still be an innovative force despite the loss of founder Steve Jobs.

Photo courtesy of Apple.


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  • WAM

    Nothing will ever move the stock price again – APPLE is stalled and is going back very quietly to $350

    • Dave B

      With AAPL currently trading at $91 post-split, I would be THRILLED to see it get to $350, either quietly or noisily. That doesn’t sound “stalled” to me.

    • Sabrina Bachhuber

      After the rally we saw in the last 9 months, speaking of stall is a joke.

  • china_man

    AAPL stock is up 54% in past year so obviously not stalled. Should gain a lot more after the huge iPhone 6 sales. Any iWatch announcements are just gravy.

  • Just another health-tracking watch? Apple going downhill.