Quoted: ‘Iron Man’ Elon Musk, scared of the Terminator?

“In the movie ‘Terminator,’ they didn’t create A.I. to — they didn’t expect, you know, some sort of Terminator-like outcome… We should try to make sure the outcomes are good and not bad.”

Elon Musk, of electric cars, rockets, solar and PayPal fame. Now he’s talking artificial intelligence, telling CNBC that he’s worried about where it could go, because “emulating the human brain” is somewhat scary. That’s why he has invested in San Francisco-based Vicarious, an AI company that’s attracted many a Silicon Valley investor, to “keep an eye on what’s going on.” (HT Business Insider)

Other notable Silicon Valley big names interested in AI include Google and Facebook.

The CNBC interview with the multi-tasking mogul — and one of the inspirations for the “Iron Man” movie character — touched on what’s going on at SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity, too. For those keeping track at home, such as California Gov. Jerry Brown, Musk hasn’t made up his mind about where the much-anticipated Tesla “Gigafactory” will be. But he did say again he plans two or three of the electric-vehicle battery plants.


Above: Who would win in a fight, Elon Musk, or the Terminator? (Photos by Nhat Meyer/Mercury News and the Associated Press, respectively)



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