Yahoo discloses its workforce demographics

Yahoo has joined LinkedIn and Google in giving some details of the demographics of its employees.

Women make up 32 percent of Yahoo’s global workforce, according to figures the Sunnyvale-based Internet firm disclosed Tuesday night.

And when it comes to Yahoo’s technical workforce, women make up 15 percent, lower than Google’s 17 percent, and they hold 23 percent of the company’s leadership positions.

Yahoo’s U.S. workforce is 50 percent white and 39 percent Asian. Asians dominate Yahoo’s technical workforce at 57 percent, compared to 35 percent white. But when it comes to leadership roles, which Yahoo defines as “VP and above,” whites make up 78 percent compared to 17 percent Asians.


I’ve asked Yahoo whether it is also providing its EEO-1, the report companies make annually to the U.S. Department of Labor outlining their demographic breakdown.

Unlike the announcements from Google and LinkedIn, which I wrote about, Yahoo’s blog post on the data did not go the route of “we can do better.”

Instead, Jackie Reses, Chief Development Officer, struck an upbeat tone:

These statistics are only a part of the story — Yahoo works to ensure that our existing employees feel welcome and supported during their time at the company…. Overall, our goal at Yahoo is to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains all talents, regardless of background, and to help our people grow to their full potential.

 Above: Image from Yahoo’s workforce diversity data. 



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