LinkedIn, less of a white guy’s club than Google

LinkedIn’s workforce is 61 percent male and 53 percent white, according to new data the company released this week.

That compares to Google’s workforce, which is 70 percent male and 61 percent white. I wrote about Google’s demographics in a column last month.

Pat Wadors, LinkedIn’s head of talent, said in a blog post that the company wanted to be “transparent with regard to our employee demographics.”

And while data — any data — is welcomed, the company stopped short of offering other key information.

For example, LinkedIn provided a link to its annual government filing that broke out groups by broad roles. But it didn’t disclose the demographics of its workforce in technical and leadership roles, something Google did.

That kind of detail, while not flattering to Google, helped provide greater clarity about what is going on inside the company.

It’s not as if Google is a paragon of transparency either.

Like Google, LinkedIn did not provide historical data so that outsiders can learn if the workforce is becoming more or less diverse, a basic question. And it also did not provide age breakdowns, even though age has long been a Silicon Valley issue. Google didn’t either.

Still, LinkedIn’s disclosure is welcomed, and in a column, I’ve called on companies to do the same.

Wadors echoed that call:

We may not be the first company to be transparent, and we hope we won’t be the last. Our goal is to improve over time and to make a lasting change at LinkedIn. Let’s challenge each other to make it a more inclusive world in which we work.

Above: Outside of LinkedIn’s Mountain View headquarters. (Kirstina Sangsahachart/ Daily News)



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  • Mo Weiss

    Google’s diversity…….or lack thereof, is pathetic. For years they stonewalled on publishing the numbers. Now you know why. There is a built in bias at the company for white males or Asians……..plain and simple. They will claim like most predominantly white led companies “we can’t find enough qualified minorities”. That is a bold faced lie. 2% Black? I bet that number is even a stretch. What concerted effort has Google made to recruit and hire blacks in the company? They haven’t. It goes counter to the perpetual culture that the management and their VC supporters have built. They are part of an exclusive club that has no incentive to change or bring in anyone, regardless of their experience or ability to contribute. Ask Google what percentage of their user base is Black or Hispanic. No doubt it’s 10X their workforce numbers. Again, it’s pathetic. They call themselves a progressive, global company. Only on paper, not in action.

  • alrui

    Why is this even tracked or written about? THIS activity IS racist period!