On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s a sampling of what the tech world is abuzz about this morning:

Salesforce.com is getting into the wearables game, announcing an open-source developer platform to build apps for smartwatches, Google Glass and more.

Hewlett-Packard takes aim at IBM, rolls out two new high-end Apollo supercomputers.

Facebook accidentally launches — then quickly pulls back from the App Store — Slingshot, its Snapchat competitor.

Apple to block a way for stores to secretly track you through your iPhone (and boost its own iBeacon feature along the way).

Rightly or wrongly, Netflix won’t stop blaming Verizon and other ISPs for slow video streams.

A Southern California security company has implicated a second unit of the Chinese army in hacking attacks and online spying.

Fwd.us, the Mark Zuckerberg-backed high-tech lobbying group, has a pair of new immigration-reform ads.

Will Apple’s long-awaited iWatch help you lift weights?

Facebook and Twitter launch new features so fans can closely follow the World Cup.

It was a venture capitalist smackdown Monday as Ron Conway and Chamath Palihapitiya verbally clashed over San Francisco’s tech problem.

Alamo Drafthouse, the haven for movie-loving hipsters, has banned Google Glass at its theaters.

EBay Now, the company’s local delivery service, is tanking and may soon shut down, according to one report.

Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, are being sued over how it pays its board of directors.

The smart thermostat war heats up (ugh, sorry) as Honeywell unveils a competitor to Google’s Nest.


At top: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma


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