Tesla Motors to open source its Supercharger network

At the Tesla shareholder’s meeting last week, CEO Elon Musk dropped hints that he was thinking of doing something “controversial” with regards to Tesla’s patents.

Engadget reports that Musk, speaking at the UK launch of the Model S, said that he wants to open up the designs for Tesla’s Supercharger system to create a standard technical specification that other electric car makers can adopt.

When Musk has a big idea, he typically writes about it. He pulled an all-nighter to write his Hyperloop manifesto.

Tesla Supercharger station. Photo courtesy of Tesla Motors.


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  • Capt996

    Just hope he puts more stations at all of the busy ones especially California. If not this will have a very big negative affect with lines of cars waiting. Already happens on weekends to Vegas.

    • alvord1430

      As an EV owner, cars queuing up to charge is a very good sign. It means that acceptance is growing. Won’t have to wait for Tesla to expand the stations now that the design is open source. Anyone can build one now. I’ve seen a handful of supercharging stations. They don’t look that expensive or sophisticated. Probably less than a cell tower to install.