Quoted: China state media calls tech giants ‘pawns’ of the U.S. government

“To resist the naked Internet hegemony, we will draw up international regulations, and strengthen technology safeguards, but we will also severely punish the pawns of the villain. The priority is strengthening penalties and punishments, and for anyone who steals our information, even though they are far away, we shall punish them!”

the Chinese state-run People’s Daily newspaper, on its microblog and in so many words on its front page, according to Reuters. People’s Daily said the “pawns” of U.S. government are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, which it accuses of “coordinating with the PRISM program to monitor China.” China has started to shun American tech companies after, well, take your pick: the revelations from the Edward Snowden leaks that include the Prism program, which supposedly involves direct NSA access to Internet companies’ user data — which the companies have denied; the U.S. government reportedly intercepting and bugging Cisco networking gear — of which Cisco has said it has no knowledge; and the Department of Justice’s unprecedented charging of five Chinese military workers of hacking into U.S. companies’ computers.

Meanwhile, on the 25th anniversary of the famous Chinese crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protests, China is reportedly blocking Google, and LinkedIn is censoring posts to comply with the Chinese government’s effort to ban commemoration of the anniversary.


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  • Dave

    I really can’t blame China’s government for getting pissed off at the U.S. for its hypocritical spying policy. The tech giants are playing “dumb” about it. China can have some fun by simply indicting all of these “pawns” and making them criminals in China.

  • Steve Hammill

    “…even though they are far away, we shall punish them!”

    Obama, Holder, and company have a lot of gall accusing China of Internet wrongdoing. Especially because, as the Wiki puts it: “It is speculated that Stuxnet was created by United States and Israeli agencies to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.” So it seems that China’s comment is fair enough.

    It would be silly to think that the USA is NOT doing all sorts of dastardly deeds online. …guess the administration just doesn’t want competition for the Internet bad guy awards.