Five takeaways from Tesla’s shareholder meeting

Tesla Motors held its annual shareholder meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View today. Tesla closed the event to the press; I watched it on the live stream.

Here are five key takeaways from CEO Elon Musk’s presentation.

1. Musk plans to stay on as CEO of Tesla for four or five years, or at least through volume production of Gen 3, the mass market, $35,000-a-year car. “No one is a CEO forever,” said Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX.  “Eventually they carry you out.”

2. Serious progress on autonomous driving. “In 1 year we will have a car that drives on auto-pilot from freeway on ramp to freeway off ramp,” said Musk.

3. Musk stresses that Tesla’s production is a “puny” amount when you consider that there are 2 billion cars in the world and 100 million new ones every year. Musk said he “may do something controversial with Tesla’s patents” and may write about it. Sounds like he’ll publish some blog post. Hmm. Open source?

4. Tesla has the S and X; there were jokes that the Gen 3 had to be the Model E. Tesla filed a patent for the Model E, as well as a Model Y, but then Ford threatened to sue over Model E.

5. An 11-year-old boy from Burlingame told Musk he invested in Tesla as his first stock and asked if he could have a tour of the factory. “Absolutely,” said Musk.

Photo from the shareholder’s meeting courtesy of @Vicentes


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