Intel, HP boosted by Windows XP demise, report says

Microsoft’s recent decision to stop providing security and other updates for its Windows XP operating system has lots of folks wringing their hands, fearing it’s made their personal computers more vulnerable to hackers.

But there’s an upside for companies like Intel and Hewlett-Packard, which have been battered by the slowdown in PC sales. It’s prompting a larger-than-expected number of people to replace their old computers, according to a note J. P. Morgan analysts sent their clients on Friday.

“Despite fears of PC demand declining after the expiration of Windows XP support last month, we are beginning to see evidence that the Windows XP refresh cycle could continue to be a PC tailwind for the remainder of 2014,” they wrote.

“We expect XP users to migrate to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 over the next year, which should continue to be a driver of PC demand.”

Photo by Len Lahman, Mercury News


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  • There is no guarantee that more recent releases of Windows are more secure than XP. Indeed, new features inevitably mean new security holes to be plugged. XP users should stick with XP. Just because Microsoft don’t want to support XP users, doesn’t mean that no one else will. Others are at least trying to step into the breach – here’s just one example:

  • shadow44

    I love using XP. And I hate computers made by HP.