Google is No. 1 on list of 25 companies with the best perks and pay, survey says

Searching for companies with the best pay? Google comes up first on that list — of the 25 companies with the best compensation and benefits, according to a new survey. Many other tech companies made the list, which is based on anonymous employee ratings collected by Glassdoor.

Glassdoor data shows the average salary for engineers at the Mountain View-based Internet giant is more than $118,000, which is about the same average at No. 3 Facebook. (For the curious, Apple, which did not appear on the Top 25 list, has an average software engineer salary of nearly $111,000.)

Among the highlights from workers’ reviews of Google: Yes, there’s the famous free food. But also: “Aaaaaamazing holiday parties (at Waldorf Astoria, NY Public Library, MoMA, etc.); overnight ski trips to Vermont; overnight nature trips to the Poconos in the summer; summer picnics at Chelsea piers,” according to a recent review.

Adobe Systems was No. 4, Intuit No. 6, Salesforce No. 9, eBay No. 25. Non-tech companies on the list include No. 2 Costco, No. 8 Chevron and No. 12 Kaiser Permanente.

The rankings of this survey, the first of its kind released by Glassdoor, are in line with previous Glassdoor surveys we’ve written about. Google and Facebook have ranked among the top in surveys of best CEOs, best places for internships and best workplaces. Pay employees well and shower them with perks and they’ll be happy — imagine that.

And in case you want to get in on all this high-paid action, employees of Google and other companies also share details about interviews, or how they got their jobs.



Photo at top, of a Google sign at the company’s headquarters, from Getty Images archives


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  • Is the Costco the best business ever made? Yes, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Costco took a good product and made it better through their policy upgrades.