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Twitter is reportedly considering buying SoundCloud. The audio company is thought to be worth $700 million.

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ biographer, on the Apple-Beats rumor: Jimmy Iovine could be Apple’s chief of content.

California bill would require warrant for official NSA data collection. In other NSA-spying news: There’s more information on (somewhat previously reported information) how the agency is recording all phone calls made in the Bahamas, and perhaps Mexico, Philippines, Kenya and elsewhere.

Wearable tech could be implanted in brains, hearts, livers, thanks to Stanford development of wireless charging technique.

U.S. is investigating links between Silk Road — the online drug marketplace that’s been shut down — and bitcoin exchanges.

Switching sides: New York taxi commission official is joining Uber, the ride-sharing startup the taxi industry hates.

Chinese government bans Windows 8 from its computers, citing security concerns because of Microsoft’s ending support of XP.

More dictionary news: Merriam-Webster is adding 15 new words, including tech-related terms such as “catfish.”

Another look at what makes videos go viral: Think intense emotions.


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