On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’ve scoured the Interwebs for news, and we feel like sharing.

Watch me play: Variety reports YouTube has reached a deal to buy video game-streaming company Twitch for $1 billion. But the Wall Street Journal says the companies are in early talks and that deal is not imminent.

Our own Troy Wolverton thinks the proposed AT&T-DirecTV deal is bad for consumers. But think about the poor, overworked FCC, which already has net neutrality, spectrum and Comcast-Time Warner to think about.

Facebook is reportedly working on Slingshot, a video-messaging app to take on Snapchat.

Do share: Facebook adds “Ask” buttons to inquire, among other things, about your friends’ relationship status.

Two apples for $100K? Original rainbow Apple signs from Cupertino headquarters are up for auction.

Speaking of Apple — and the rumored Beats purchase — you forgot about Will.i.am. The hip-hop star has a stake in Beats, too.

More Apple: It’s sued over vanishing text messages after a woman switched from iPhone to Android.

A “drinkable” book? Each page serves as a water filter.

And in case you haven’t seen today’s time suck, the Google Doodle is a Rubik’s Cube, in honor of the colorful toy’s 40th anniversary.


Photo from Reuters archives


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