Ziggy Marley to offset carbon footprint of his latest tour through COTAP

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ziggy Marley is going to offset the carbon emissions of his Fly Rasta tour through COTAP, or Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty. The Oakland-based COTAP partners with certified forestry carbon projects in countries like India, Malawi and Nicaragua. Marley is the first entertainment celebrity to become a “Cotapper.”

“The #FLYRASTA tour resumes soon,” said Ziggy in a May 8 tweet. “Big up to @carbonpoverty 4 helping us offset our CO2 footprint while we’re out there.”

Marley’s tour brings him to Monterey, where he’ll perform at the California Roots Festival in Monterey May 24.

Airplanes release huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. So flying – whether on a music tour or to a friend’s wedding – has a big impact on your personal carbon footprint.

The sale of carbon offsets is one of several tools in the growing arsenal to fight the increasingly clear reality that is global climate change. COTAP isn’t a for-profit company: It’s a 501c3. And alleviating poverty in the countries in which it has projects is a key part of its mission. COTAP’s donors/customers are individuals, companies and NGOs.

“Ziggy is leading by example,” said COTAP founder Tim Whitley. “He’s also leading on global climate justice by partnering with COTAP, which emphasizes that the world’s poorest people must be both included in climate change solutions and helped to adapt to its effects.”

Photo by Roxanne Haynes


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