On topic: Tech news to know now

Good morning, here’s another tech news roundup.

Yahoo — which likes buying companiesbuys the Snapchat-like Blink app, which it will promptly kill.

Will Google make its own self-driving cars? It says it’s talking to automakers. ICYMI, our own Mr. Roadshow took a test ride Tuesday.

Intel is cutting marketing jobs ahead of the arrival of its new marketing chief.

Broadband providers send their own letter to the FCC on net neutrality. Guess what they said?

Surge in tech office leases are driving prices up.

Skype communications data is deemed “vital” to NSA spying, according to a new report based on leaks by Edward Snowden.

Eric Schmidt is on a technology-in-schools commission in New York. Dogged Google critic Consumer Watchdog says it’s a conflict of interest.

Fast Forward, a new startup accelerator for nonprofits, launches in San Francisco this summer. Also, a Plug and Play accelerator is launching in Jordan.

Samsung apologizes to workers who got cancer, promises compensation.

Ever heard of stranger danger? MIT Media Lab introduces “20 Day Stranger” iPhone app that allows two strangers to “experience” each other’s lives, supposedly anonymously.


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