Quoted: on making money on Twitter

“It’s kind of brutal out there for anonymous accounts, but luckily I got a head start.”

Shelby Laufersky, 19, who runs Twitter accounts including Heartless Girl (more than 160,000 followers), and Drunk Lady Probs (more than 16,000) that tweet sponsored links. She cashes in on clicks and retweets, up to $60 a day, enough for her to make a living, she told Motherboard. The world of anonymous Twitter accounts has grown increasingly competitive as people have realized that they can earn money for tweeting links to sites such as Trend Junky, which contains “easily digested content for teens and young adults” on topics ranging from sports to entertainment to politics, according to its Web editor. But first the anonymous Twitter accounts that engage in the affiliate marketing need a considerable following — those who find value in tweets such as Heartless Girl’s: “It’s more attractive to be confident in where you stand with someone than to get jealous, so find out what’s going on before you bitch.”


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