Warnings issued for Microsoft Internet Explorer flaw

Are you using Internet Explorer? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is recommending switching to another Web browser until Microsoft fixes a serious flaw that could allow attackers to gain control over users’ computers.

Microsoft reportedly is working on a patch, but users of Windows XP may be out of luck (unless they pay, perhaps) because the company stopped supporting the operating system this month.

The flaw has already been exploited by hackers, according to security software maker FireEye. In the advisory it issued over the weekend, Microsoft said that among other things, the vulnerability could allow hackers to gain control of companies’ networks.

Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 comprise 55 percent of the browser market, according to NetMarketShare, a research firm cited by Reuters.


Image of Internet Explorer 11 browser courtesy of Microsoft


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  • William Smith

    News media sensationalism, you’d still have to be dumb enough to click on a link that you shouldn’t.

  • alrui

    How bout the farce organization of “homeland security” stays the hell out of the internet/computers & their workings? If they really want to fix a problem why not work on stopping the flood of SPAM us computer users get every day!