The week in Tesla news, by the numbers

There were many Tesla-related numbers in the news this week, so we’ve rounded them up.

• 431,000: We’re starting high. That’s the square footage of a former Chrysler parts-distribution center in Lathrop (San Joaquin County) that Tesla is said to have leased. Because the company wouldn’t give more details, it’s unclear what kind of action the site would see, but the town’s city manager told the Los Angeles Times that the company has said it will hire about 100 workers initially.

• $70,000: That’s about what CEO Elon Musk was paid in 2013, in salary and bonuses. As is the fashion at many a high-profile company, though, Musk accepts only $1 and returned the rest to the Palo Alto company. But as the Associated Press points out, Musk has some stock in Tesla.

• 12,000: The number of miles driven in yet another cross-country trip in a Model S. This time around, the trip was taken by an executive from Venice-based Recargo, a vehicle software and analytics company, to call for a better national network of electric vehicle-charging stations. The route was determined by available Tesla “supercharger” stations.

• 100: Speaking of charging stations, the company said Thursday that it had opened its 100th supercharger station — in New Jersey. Tesla now has 86 of the stations in North America and 14 in Europe, and is revving them up in China, where the company began delivering cars this week. Tesla also says it will “have 98 percent of the U.S. population covered” by superchargers by the end of 2015.

• 7: That’s the number of Tesla cars owned by one man who lives in the Arctic Circle, according to a look at “Tesla Jens” on the company’s own blog. He has six Roadsters and a Model S. He talks about his concern for the environment. He has met Musk. What does Jens Kratholm do for a living, anyway? Well, you see, he’s an ophthalmologist.


Photo: Guests check out Tesla cars at a car handover ceremony in Shanghai as Tesla Motors delivers Model S cars to its first buyers in China on April 23, 2014. (AFP/Getty Images)


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