Tesla gains support of FTC staffers in its fight against car dealers

Tesla, which isn’t very popular among car dealers because it sells its electric cars directly to customers, has had some vocal supporters on this issue. Now, add some FTC staff members to that list.

A blog post today on the Federal Trade Commission’s website — which has a caveat that its three authors’ opinions do not necessarily reflect that of the agency itself — points out that bypassing middlemen is nothing new. “Manufacturers in a variety of industries now reach consumers directly through websites… And consumers routinely turn to the Internet as a convenient way to comparison shop and buy products and services.”

The blog post urges lawmakers — who as we’ve written have had to deal with the issue, and in some states have banned Tesla sales — to “differentiate between regulations that truly protect consumers and those that protect the regulated.”

The post’s authors are Andy Gavil, director of the Office of Policy Planning, Debbie Feinstein, director of the Bureau of Competition, and Marty Gaynor, director of the Bureau of Economics.


Photo of a Tesla Model S by Patrick Tehan/Mercury News archives


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