On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s some Tuesday tech news from around the Interwebs.

More tech in San Francisco: Mountain View-based LinkedIn will reportedly fully lease a tower being built in S.F.’s SOMA neighborhood.

GitHub co-founder and ex-CEO resigns after (supposedly being cleared of) sexual and gender-based harassment accusations.

You pay with iPay? Apple is reportedly interviewing candidates as part of its mobile payments effort.

Apple is launching a gadget-recycling program at its stores in the U.K.

Comcast responds to Netflix’s opposition of its merger with Time Warner, saying Netflix simply wants to protect its business model. Troy Wolverton wrote on SiliconBeat about Netflix’s stance yesterday.

Also among the things Netflix did Monday, besides release earnings, announce a price increase and speak out against the Comcast-Time Warner deal: It called out AT&T for poor streaming performance.

Speaking of AT&T, it’s expanding high-speed Internet service in the Bay Area and elsewhere. Fiber fight with Google?

Google is offering grants to nonprofits that come up with ideas to use Glass.

Is Hewlett-Packard interested in Lufthansa’s IT unit?

Facebook wants to know which messaging apps you use.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Steve Jobs? The latest speculation about the upcoming Aaron Sorkin movie on the late Apple co-founder.

In other entertainment news, HBO renews “Silicon Valley” series for a second season. As we’ve written, the show makes fun of tech startup culture.

Research: Amazon sales take a hit in states where taxes for purchases are collected online.

Nonprofit educational software company InBloom (funded by Gates Foundation) is shut down over student privacy concerns.


Photo: CouldĀ Leonardo DiCaprio, shown here in 2010, be the actor to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming high-profile film? (Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images)


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