On topic: Tech news to know now

When we scour the Web for tech news, we share.

Silicon Valley poaching case, which might soon be settled: Documents show tech giants discussed hiring, but Facebook reportedly refused to join the circle.

What’s Google up to now? Prominent UCSF geneticist reportedly is joining Calico, the health-focused company Google unveiled last year.

Did Square hold acquisition talks with Google? Or Apple? Or eBay?

Follow-up to “if you Like it, you can’t sue”: General Mills says it’s reverting to its old legal terms.

Wearables news: Is Nike giving up on Fuelband?

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear broadcasters’ case against Aereo.

Reddit downgrades tech community after censorship flap.

Heartbleed: Those who enrolled in Obamacare are urged to change passwords.


Photo of Square payment dongle from Reuters archives


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