Facebook reportedly ready to launch mobile ad network

Industry analysts on Wednesday will pay particular attention to Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue when the social networking giant reports its first-quarter earnings.

Then on April 30, according to an unsourced report in ReCode, Facebook will announce plans for a mobile ad network at the company’s “F8” developer conference in San Francisco that will enable Facebook to sell even more tiny ads on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

ReCode, citing “multiple sources familiar with the matter,” reports that Facebook’s plans for a mobile ad network will enable the company to generate even more cash from its more than 1 billion members though app-installed ads and other mobile ads.

In an email to this newspaper Monday, Facebook said it does not comment on rumors.

At the end of 2013, Facbook reported that mobile ads represented 53 percent of the company’s overall $2.34 ad revenue for the fourth quarter.

Facebook  announced in January that it was experimenting with ways to sell ads on other people’s apps, and compared the experiment to “like a mobile ad network.”

Until now,  according to ReCode, Facebook has been too busy selling ads on Facebook to develop its own mobile ad network.

Photo by Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images


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