Quoted: Marc Benioff on giving back, again

“When I was at Oracle, I’d have this debate all the time with Larry Ellison, who has been a huge influence on my career. He’d always say, ‘Who do you think has done more for the world: the Ford Foundation or the Ford corporation?’ … It took me a few years until I came back to him and said, ‘I’ll tell you the answer to that question. Both. You can add value by having great employees and building great products, but you can also add value though philanthropy. ‘Both’ is the answer. There’s not a choice to be made. This is too easy.”

Marc Benioff on giving back, which he’s been talking a lot about lately amid the income-inequality-sparked tech-industry backlash in the Bay Area. The CEO of San Francisco-based Salesforce founded SF Gives, an effort to get 20 tech companies to donate money ($500,000 each) to help the poor in the Bay Area. Benioff’s aim — “I want to see outcomes. That’s what I’m most interested in when I give” — prompted him to team up with Daniel Lurie and Tipping Point Community, which distributes 100 percent of donations (and gives other support) to charities in need. Benioff told San Francisco Magazine that SF Gives has signed up 14 companies, including LinkedIn and Box, since it was launched last month.


Photo: Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff (Josie Lepe/Bay Area News Group)


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