Oracle issues more fixes for bug-prone Java

Oracle has just issued another raft of fixes for its widely used Java software, which has a reputation as one of the buggiest products on the market.

Over the past year, the Redwood City tech giant has issued numerous software patches to prevent cyber crooks from taking advantage of Java’s vulnerabilities. But new glitches keep popping up in it.

In its latest “critical patch update” for its various products, Oracle said it has made fixes for 37 Java SE vulnerabilities, four of which ranked 10 on the “Common Vulnerability Scoring System,” the most serious kind.

Bugs ranked 10 could make it easy for a hacker to take over a person’s computer and steal whatever sensitive banking or other information is stored on the device.

In it’s update, Oracle said it “strongly recommends that Java users, particularly home users, keep up with Java releases and remove obsolete versions of Java SE, so as to protect themselves against malicious exploitation of Java vulnerabilities.”

Photo by Patrick Tehan, Mercury News


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