On topic: Tech news to know now

We’re serving up your Thursday tech tapas.

Most analysts reportedly still like Google stock, but the company’s shares are down more than 4 percent as of this post, the day after its earnings failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations. By the way, the expiration of an R&D tax credit affected Google’s bottom line.

Yahoo has nominated three new board members, including co-founder David Filo.

The tech-stock slump is making startup investors cautious.

Twitter’s new ad push resembles one by Facebook: Install this app so we can make money.

Google Glass for spies? BAE Systems is working on it. Speaking of Google Glass and privacy, one app for it reveals the location of security cameras.

First Heartbleed arrest: 19-year-old Canadian charged with exploiting the bug to steal taxpayer data. Also, no evidence so far that Heartbleed was exploited before it was found.

Name that tune — on your iPhone?

A look at the richest neighborhoods in Silicon Valley.

Sen. Al Franken asks Netflix to weigh in and “gauge risks” posed by Comcast-Time Warner deal.

Amazon workers go on strike again in Germany.

Grams is a new search engine that’s dedicated to finding black-market sites.

Kim Dotcom gets back cash, cars seized in Megaupload raid.


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