Google Glass on limited sale on Tuesday

Are you still dying to get your hands on Glass? Google’s planning to put them on sale, for one day only, next Tuesday the 15th.

Buyers will have to shell out $1,500 plus tax, however, just like the early Explorers who were allowed to purchase the device in limited numbers over the last two years.

Some people are still skeptical – or even hostile – about the uses for such a gadget, although early Glass Explorers have been enthusiastic evangelists.  But Google’s been doing its best to drum up interest and demand, by forming partnerships and encouraging app developers, as well as by carefully rationing the opportunities to buy Glass.

Google initially invited attendees at the 2012 I/O developers’ conference to sign up for the opportunity to purchase Glass, and later ran a contest in which people could apply to be selected, based on their plans or ideas for using the device. Those two campaigns and a few other offers have put about 10,000 models of Glass in circulation, according to The Verge, which got an early leak about the upcoming sale.

Responding to that leak, Google went public on Thursday with confirmation of its one-day sale; it says an unspecified but limited number of devices will be sold. The Verge suggests it may be the last big push to get the device into the hands of early adopters and app developers before Glass goes on general sale later this year.

By the way, despite early hints that Google might lower the price when it starts selling Glass on the general market, it hasn’t said anything about that recently.

Here’s the link if you want to sign up for next week’s sale.

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  • Storewars News

    Nice read! Very informative. Did you know that? Aldi swaps one store
    for another. Full story here:

  • For $1500? We will see how many glassholes Google can find. This looks more and more like DOA.

  • ellafino

    Can someone tell me outside of taking video, what are the practical uses for the average person.