Watch this and this and this: News, entertainment pour out of CNN, Yahoo, Xbox

As the tech and media world turn, and the avenues for consuming news and video and entertainment multiply, and everyone fights for eyeballs and ad dollars, here’s what’s going on: There’s embracing of the new by the old, and vice versa. There’s copying. And trying to cover all the bases.

The latest example: CNN is rolling out Digital Studios, which is producing a news show specifically meant to be viewed on Twitter. It’s also working on other original series that can “travel well,” because viewers are likely to watch them on their mobile devices, and not only on Twitter but also on Facebook and other social networks, according to the Wall Street Journal.  One question about CNN’s new effort is whether it can compete with similar efforts by Yahoo and others.

Speaking of Yahoo — which for the purposes of this post falls under the “new,” not the “old” — talk about its video and entertainment ambitions has gotten louder lately. Besides its shorter Web offerings, it’s reportedly looking to channel Netflix and Amazon and produce bigger-budget, half-hour original series. And just last week, Brandon Bailey wrote for SiliconBeat about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s not-so-secret video ambitions, which reportedly involves trying to lure away some of YouTube’s stars and channels.

And Microsoft’s Xbox is getting in on the original-content game, too. As Jeremy Owens wrote on Biz Break this week, Microsoft will launch six shows (featuring some well-known entertainers) that will stream on the the video game console.

Who’s next to diversify and try to please all? Stay tuned. These days, it’s getting harder not to.


Photo from Bay Area News Group archives



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