Twitter’s tweaking your web profile

In case you didn’t have enough to keep you busy already – Twitter’s introducing a Facebook-like redesign of users’ web profiles, with a number of new features that you can tweak and/or obsess about.

“Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile,” the company said in a blog post explaining the changes.

New features include larger profile and header photos, and the opportunity to highlight one of your own tweets that you particularly like, by “pinning” it to the top of the page – “so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.”  Another feature: Tweets that have been favorited or reposted will appear in slightly larger type, to highlight “your best content.”

The new pages are more visually striking, and they do seem to more resemble Facebook’s page design. While they’re like to be fun for some people to play with, they’ll undoubtedly cause others to obsess even more about their digital persona.

Twitter’s redesign only affects the web version of the service, not its mobile apps, and will be rolled out to users over coming weeks. Research firm eMarketer notes that Twitter now draws less than a third of its ad revenue from the web or desktop version of the service, as mobile advertising continues to grow.

(Twitter provided this image of First Lady Michelle Obama’s profile as an example of its new web design)


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