On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’re serving up some tech news links.

More tech backlash: Protesters converge at the house of Kevin Rose — Digg founder, now with Google Ventures — demanding $3 billion from Google to create utopia where no one pays for housing. They call Rose a parasite.

Will Hewlett-Packard’s shares skyrocket over the next year? Barron’s thinks so.

Google is working on Android TV (not to be confused with Google TV or Chromecast), reports the Verge.

Browsing for an answer: How will controversy over its former CEO affect Mozilla’s Firefox?

Amazon Dash is sort of like a magic wand for grocery shopping.

Dropbox did it, Square did it: Debt financing, which allows startups to delay going public, is on the rise.

“If I were the kind of person in real life that I am at my computer, I would be alone.” — a New York Magazine interview with Sam Biddle, the mudslinging Valleywag blogger.


Photo of Kevin Rose, general partner at Google Ventures, courtesy of Google Ventures


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