Quoted: on the 20th anniversary of Netscape

“Working with Marc (Andreessen) was pretty awesome. So we got pretty excited about this project right away. It was obvious that if it worked, it was gonna be big. We were like, ‘Oh, there could be newspapers on the Net and all this information can be out there for everyone. How phenomenal could that be?’ ”

Aleks Totic, developer of the Mac versions of both the Mosaic and Netscape Navigator browsers. On the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of Mosaic (which would later become Netscape), Totic and some of his fellow founding engineers look back, via the Internet History Podcast. The most well-known (and not present for the long but interesting recording of Netscape’s oral history) of those engineers, of course, is Andreessen — the Silicon Valley wunderkind-turned tech icon and venture capitalist who co-founded Netscape with Jim Clark, co-founder of Silicon Graphics. Although Netscape would eventually be displaced as the Web’s dominant browser by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it was Internet users’ introduction to the graphical Web.


Netscape icon from mozillazine.org


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