On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s the daily roundup of tech news we’ve noticed around the Interwebs.

Former Cisco executives allege massive kickback scheme in Russia.

On the Supreme Court’s agenda today: Should software be patented?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s pay package more than doubled in 2013.

Speaking of big money, the compensation package of Samsung’s mobile chief last year beat that of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

A quick look at how tech tax breaks in San Francisco seem to be making a little bit of a difference.

More Internet censorship in Turkey: Google’s DNS service is being intercepted by ISPs there, Google says.

Details about Intel’s recent investment in big-data software company Cloudera: $740 million, an 18 percent stake.

A battle to watch: In challenge to TV, YouTube to offer guarantees to advertisers.

Tesla and New York strike a deal to keep the five existing Tesla stores in the state, but the company can’t open new ones.

Google is two years into a long-term study on work-life balance.

Symantec recently fired its CEO. What’s next? Analysts call for breaking up the company.

Uber continues its trip on the rocky road. Its latest problem: sexual harassment by drivers.

Google researchers say most major news organizations have been targeted by state-sponsored hackers.


Editor’s note: We haven’t independently verified some of the news contained in these links. Some of the links lead to paywalled sites.

Photo: Cisco is reportedly facing a federal investigation for possible bribery violations on a huge scale in Russia. (Associated Press archives)


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