Elon Musk on 60 Minutes: ”I didn’t really think Tesla would be successful.”

The CBS news program “60 Minutes” came under a lot of fire for its piece on the “Cleantech Crash.”

So perhaps to make amends, the program was back Sunday with a glowing profile of Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Close watchers of Musk will not learn anything new in the 13-minute segment by correspondent Scott Pelley. And while the Tesla Model S is silent, the show added engine noise. That makes no sense.

Pelley asked Musk how he describes himself.

“I usually describe myself as an engineer, that’s basically what I’ve been doing since I was a kid,” said Musk. “I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it and you’re like, ‘Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible?’ ”

Musk says he never thought Tesla would be successful, but that “we at least could address the false perception that people have that an electric car had to be ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart.”

Musk joked about being able to drive the Model S even in the event of a zombie apocalypse, a line that he’s used before.

Musk’s mother Maye, sister Tosca and brother Kimbal appear briefly. Kimbal, who is on the board of Tesla, says his older brother’s mind “just needs to be constantly fulfilled. And the problems that he takes on therefore need to become more and more complex over time in order to keep him interested.”

There’s a bit about how 2008 was a lousy year: Tesla was hemorrhaging money, the American economy was in the throes of the recession and Space X’s first three rocket launches had failed to reach orbit. Musk also filed for divorce. As Christmas approached, Musk felt like he was capable of having a nervous breakdown.

But Space X’s fourth flight was flawless. NASA called with the news that Space X had been awarded a $1.5 billion contract. And Tesla closed a round of funding in the final hours of Christmas Eve.

Musk hopes SpaceX will be the company that brings humanity to Mars.

Elon Musk on 60 Minutes


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  • WiseFundManager

    Misleading headline as usual…

    • Sir Baromffy of Transylvania


  • dabambz

    Wait what? He didn’t want Tesla to be successful? Oh wait he didn’t think it would be this successful since all he wanted at least is to change the perception of an electric car being a boring vehicle

    Oh you got me “siliconbeat”.

  • Ulrich Stauber

    Nonsense article.

  • RoyShastid

    1 Elon Musk is worth more to the world than a thousand Donald Trumps. I have never understood the worship that segments of society attach to Mr. Trump who’s only purpose is to fleece us, as opposed to someone who actually wants to make the world a better more educated and livable place. He might get us to Mars and save a bit of our world in the process.

    • Tom h

      agreed. Guys like trump find ways to move money form our wallets to theirs through financial maneuvering, while doing little for the consumer. Musk built two companies that even he thought could financially fail. But be proceeded because he wanted to solve problems. We need more entrepreneurs like that.

    • Doug S

      I think just about ANY of us are worth more to the world than a thousand Donalds. He’s one of the biggest net negatives around.

      • RoyShastid

        You are so correct. I just didn’t want my comment to be too over the top.

    • bb91103

      Musk is an Engineer worthy of praise. Trump is just a celebrity. Different form of “worship” I think. People just like to talk about Trump the person because of the things he say and his antics. People seems to like Musk because of the stuff he makes and what he seems to stand for (dreamers….as a kid who used to dream about making rockets and made it happen kind of thing). So its cool to imagine what it would be like to start a car company, build rockets and make gadgets instead of yelling and screaming about every and anything that will get you into the news paper. I think they are both after different things.

  • disqus_hHvnQ7X7Jp

    Musk got it right the first time.

  • KenneBek

    Successful??…so far they have not made a profit from car sales…just from selling “energy credits”. If this company is “successful”. then why is the government continuing o subsidize it, by providing tax credits of $7500 for each car sold to those millionaire buyers??

    • el lobo

      Why? Because incentives for environmentally clean systems must be encouraged; unless you like breathing SOx and NOx.

      And btw more inexpensive models are being developed.

    • Steve

      Energy credits alone have not made them profitable. Car sales coupled with energy credits have. And why not? Why is that not a legit measure of profit? It shows business acumen, which a company trying to re-build the personal transportation model from the ground up needs to survive at this stage. At some point, if Tesla stays on course, it will be profitable from car sales alone.

      • CGriffin

        Tesla expects to sell 35,000 Model S cars worldwide this year (a 55% increase over last year). If they accomplish this goal, they will be profitable from car sales alone. Then, in early 2015, they will start deliveries of the Model X luxury SUV/Crossover. Currently, the Model X already has over 13,000 paid reservations, and Elon Musk believes that sales of the Model X will outpace the Model S.

    • TheSA-X

      “Profits” aren’t important for a small company that is investing everything it earns back into growth. To estimate how well a company is doing, you have to look at gross income, not net income.

      Also, the tax credits are for electric cars in general, not Tesla specifically.

    • Larry Lewis

      What reports are you looking at?

    • Doug S

      That’s old news, and it was barely true even then. Their first profitable quarter was profitable IN PART because of the sale of their energy credits, but those are liquidated now and they’re more profitable than ever.

      But the naysayers will cling to that story forever, since there’s no other way to be a naysayer regarding Tesla.

    • bb91103

      Because clean air effect everyone? You get the same credit when you but a Volt annd/or a Prius. Not just Tesla. You know these cars provide jobs to people in the USA right?

  • Rob Harrington

    Meanwhile many states in the country are busy passing laws trying to keep Teslas out of circulation. The politicians are for free markets unless of course they’re bribed to be against it.

  • Steve

    I have to salute Musk, and men and women like him, who are willing to ask, “why do we do things this way,” and are not content with the answer, “Because that’s how it’s always been done.” To shake up the personal transportation, utilities, and space travel models, and rebuild them at the core, takes guts, genius, and a little bit of crazy… the good kind. There will be people who buck what he and others like him are trying to do the whole way, but without forward-thinking men and women like this, we would still be living in the dark ages. We are long overdue for more efficient, cleaner means of travel. And now, thanks to Elon Musk, it is within reach.

  • uhik

    not sure what he is talking about, but, if he was referring to paypal, then i might see some merit in his claim but, if he is talking about making an electric car, he is late to the party by 20 years… electric cars has been around for over 20 yrs but got shelved because of oil companies… he is now where near successful if you only have .05 percent market share of cars on the road… i dont know how you even consider that a success,but, hey, whatever makes his sleep better at night…as for them making a profit, does anyone knows what the definition of making a profit? i cant see, to find the meaning because the3 word changes meaning based on its author

    • Bob Smith

      Hmm…. Actually electric cars were around in the early 1900’s. Nice try though.

      • StanO5

        The IGBTs/Mosfets and microcontrollers necessary for the 3-phase AC induction motor controller did not become practical until the 1990’s.

        • Bob Smith

          It doesn’t negate the fact that electric cars were being produced and sold in the early 1900’s and that their survival ended essentially because of the oil companies. Clearly the technology is different today, but the same could be same of the internal combustion engine.

          • Hug Doug

            well, production of them ended because they could not perform as well as gasoline fueled vehicles. not “because of the oil companies.”

          • Bob Smith

            Hmm Really? While infrastructure improved and longer distances were required of cars, to say that the oil industry didn’t play a role in it’s demise is not a well-informed statement.

          • Hug Doug

            oil industry. you mean the prevalence of gas stations and the ease of refilling a gasoline tank rather than waiting hours for batteries to charge.

            face it, convenience, endurance, and power are the factors at play. not the oil industry.

          • Bob Smith

            Do the RESEARCH. Nicola Tesla’s AC system that was never really implemented was better than Edison’s DC system. Who was great friends with Edison? Henry Ford. Edison wanted his system to prevail and when it was obvious he was getting upstaged by Tesla again, he really pushed Ford to build the internal combustion engine.

            Ford Motor Company was originally funded by the Standard Oil Company owned by Rockefeller. I don’t think I need to complete this web beyond this. Tesla had a better system, but couldn’t get it to take off because of the power of Ford and Rockefeller.

            Yes there is fact in what you’re saying, but it’s not that cut and dry. The oil industry played a role in the electric car’s demise from the very start of the industry.

          • Hug Doug

            um. LOL. i get it, you’re a conspiracy wacko.

            AC vs. DC, it wasn’t better or worse, just a different method of doing things. in the end, the market share was driven by who could produce products that used either AC or DC, and products that used DC just outproduced products that used AC. that’s really all there is to that.


            the oil industry had nothing to do with it, other than producing cheap fuel that vehicles could easily use.

            again, filling a tank takes minutes, whereas charging takes hours.

            it doesn’t take a conspiracy for that to make sense.

      • B Something

        1837 actually.

        • Bob Smith

          Bingo – just not popular until the 1900’s like all automobiles.

    • Hug Doug

      electric cars got “shelved” because they sucked. the U.S. market for them just wasn’t there. they had low power, short range, and were impractical for driving uses such as commuting. however, the technology has dramatically improved recently, there are now far more efficient electric engines, and battery capacity has been improved thanks to advances in the 2000s in lithium-ion battery technology.

      • Luke William

        *The EV1 did NOT suck. Most people did not want to turn theirs back into GM. These cars used Lead Acid cells!

        *Lithium Ion tech has not progressed much since 1995. We still use LiCoO v. Graphite anodes. We have only gotten moderately better than packing it in the cell.

        • Hug Doug

          then why is the EV1 on Time’s list of “The 50 Worst Cars of All Time” ??


          where is your quote from?

          • Luke William

            Read what Time had to say about the EV1. “not what consumers wanted at the time”. “Too expensive to build” …

            Talk to some owners of the EV1.

          • Hug Doug

            yep. i’d agree the car was 10 years too early and could have greatly benefited from lithium-ion technology.

            I like Tesla. I never said i didn’t like them.

    • B Something

      Eh, you’re only off by a century or so. First electric car was developed by two chemists in 1837. Consider him a success because a share of Tesla is over $200 per (I bought in around $45 =) and everything the man has developed has been nothing short of epic His objective with Tesla was to create an efficient electric car that didn’t look like a pig… mission accomplished, that’s a bit of success as well.

  • Bubba Nicholson

    Elon Musk is a brilliant man, sure, but he is also a brave hero. Who among us would risk our fortunes in a desperate gamble to improve the prospects of humanity as a whole? Who would take a crazy risk just because the crazy risk “needed taking”? Elon Musk is worthy of celebration, sure. But he is also worthy of emulation.


    Nicholson proposed to the US Federal Reserve early in Obama’s first term “Quantitative Easing” extending monetary policy to deflationary conditions for the first time. It saved the US economy.

    Nicholson has mentored three presidents of the United States, four governors, two secretaries of state, a secretary of Labor, a US Trade Representative, a Brookings Institution president, as well as a dozen movie producers/directors including Stephen Spielberg, David Cameron, M Night Shymalan, the Wachowski Brothers, Sophia Copolla, Cohen Brothers, David Gefen, and others.

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    Nicholson has published three medical journal articles.
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  • Doug S

    I’m getting really, really tired of people calling Elon Musk the “next Steve Jobs”. In truth, Steve Jobs never did anything that even remotely compared to the things Elon Musk has already accomplished. Steve Jobs was a great marketer and merchandiser, but the only field he really had any impact on was consumer electronics. I’d even argue that in that field, his impact was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Elon Musk has not only completely revolutionized the field of personal transportation, he has a contract with NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station, because NASA can’t do it any more!

    • Seven of Nine

      There is a certain part of the population with to much money and the need to have a hero. Jobs filled that roll for years. Elon musk is attempting to step into that vacuum.

    • B Something

      Elon Musk is the next Elon Musk.

      • bb91103

        =) He would be the first and only Elon Musk no?

        • CGriffin

          Actually, he was named after his great grandfather who lived in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    • newpapyrus

      NASA can’t do it anymore because Obama canceled the space shuttle.

      Space X was founded in 2002 and he still hasn’t gotten a man into orbit yet. NASA got a man into orbit in just 4 years and people on the Moon in just 11 years.


      • Doug S

        Um….no, GWB gave a directive on January 14, 2004 cancelling the space shuttle program. The fact is, the space shuttle program was supposed to run 15 years, but it kept getting extended because there simply was no alternative launch vehicle.

        And NASA is a government entity with essentially infinite resources; the Mercury program alone cost $1.73 billion in today’s dollars over the 4 years of the program. SpaceX is privately funded and ran on less than $1 billion for their first ten years. It’s true they haven’t launched with passengers yet, but that’s because NASA hasn’t certified them for piloted operation. Automation capabilities have increased so radically since the early 60’s that all their missions so far have run autonomously.

      • George C

        God Bless President Barack Obama!

        Teabaggers = American Taliban = Domestic Hillbilly Hate Group

        GOP = RIP


  • Barry

    I do admirer Elon Musk for his willingness to invest in this country, one that he believes in and proves everyday with SpaceX and Tesla and the offshoot suppoprting businesses he has created.Even the dream of the Hyperloop startup just getting underway.

    I would like to see other executives come forward with dream programs and fund them to get this country off it’s butt. The time has come to wake this giant country up and be large and in charge again but it takes believers like Elon Musk to make it happen.

    Are there any other businesspersons up to the challenge?

    • Seven of Nine

      Elon Musk is a modern day railroad baron. He invested in taking tax payers dollars. His Tesla would not even roll without huge subsidies and carbon credits. His space X would not fly without our tax dollars.

      • RoyShastid

        His vision is something for humanity and the planet, the secondary (very secondary ) wealth is not being used to join the consuming ranks of people like the Kardashians and Trump.

      • Chandy Pand

        Seven of Nine, your just a jealous loser. Talking lot of non sense.

        Where did you have this idea Tesla would not survive? How can you guarantee that another investor couldn’t give some money to Tesla? You are talking about an opportunity given during the 2008 economic crash. The government offered money. Many citizens got advantage of lower mortgage interest rates. What is the problem with that? Tesla was the first to repay the money with interest very quickly. Taking carbon credits have no been taken into account. loser.

    • Guest

      Nowadays, they find easy way to make millions and billions — Outsourcing. Dreams. Most CEO only dreams of $$$$$ and on the job.

    • Peter

      Nowadays, they find easy way to make millions and billions — Outsourcing. Dreams. Most CEOs only dream of $$$$$ and on the job.

    • George C


  • Desai V

    ”I Didn’t Really Think Tesla Would Be Successful.”…
    REALLY!! The ESP(Earnings
    Per Share) Is -0.62 Tesla Is Not Making
    Profit Yet. Call Yourself Success When You Have Positive #’S.

    • William

      ummmm… you do realize that EPS doesn’t mean the company is not profitable, right? Even if a company is not profitable, it doesn’t mean it could not be. My family had a group of insurance agencies and we didn’t turn a profit for years because we expanded instead and avoided the taxes we would pay on profits. You don’t understand business.

      • Desai V

        I agree, but did you
        and your family went around calling yourself success?

        • Hug Doug

          how is a business which expands for several years not successful?

          • bb91103

            Because in Desai’s eye a positive cash flow is the end all be all. If you took the profit and invest in, say a $5 billion battery factory, it kills profit on paper therefore your business is a failure.

        • William

          yeah, we did. and so did the industry groups who had us come and give speeches and presentations on what we were doing. Musk is a success, a huge one. there is no doubt.

    • Seven of Nine

      And do it without carbon credits or subsidies from our tax dollars.

    • Sup

      He created PayPal that he sold for $1.5 Billion . $165 million was his. That’s quite positive don’t you think?

    • bb91103

      Way to know nothing about the stock market. Congratulation. Meanwhile I’ve bought and sold Tesla 3 times and made money every time. Thank you Mr. Musk.

  • Robert Bradford
  • Michael McKinzy Sr

    The ability to see the future does not require sight just Vision and the Passion to embrace Change for a better American future!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth.a.k.a.Warrior Breed!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-04-01-2014

    • George C

      Conservatism = Past = No change = DEATH

      Liberalism/Progressives = Future = Change = LIFE

  • Joe Pannu

    Im not sure why you guys are bashing this guy. He’s trying to do something positive for the environment. It might not be cleanest idea but it’s better then fossil fuel. We need change and I think we’re headed in the right direction. I don’t care how much of our tax money is used because it’s still not 1% of what was used to go to wars. Get your head out of your @$$ and think of our future generations. Because thy are the one to pay for our creations.

    • bb91103

      Not only that, he is just living out his dreams. If I was flush withmoney (like he was when he started Tesla) I would have invested in some crazy stuff just to see if it works. It is in this guy’s DNA to be curious. A lot of people are but they just don’t have the means or luck (as Musk himself stated) to turn those ideas into a successful business.

  • Sanjosemike

    I wrote a Mercury News reporter back in 2008 and predicted that Tesla would close within two years. I vowed never to buy any of their stock.
    I can speak comfortably and authoritatively on almost every subject. I have a large vocabulary and speak very well.
    I am also an idiot. Don’t you think it was WELL time to cut me down?

    • Hug Doug

      bleeding edge ideas can fail as spectacularly as they succeed… and failure is so much more a likely outcome. SpaceX was VERY close to complete failure in 2008 – 3 launch failures in a row. their subsequent successes have been nothing short of jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. and electric cars had failed so many times before, who could have predicted a successful outcome for a cocksure startup that promised a high-performance luxury electric vehicle?

  • Captain America

    Very interesting piece on 60 Minutes. I thought he was a lot richer and never knew he almost lost it all. This was a great story about perseverance through hardship, with great accomplishments to show. Only negative is he looked awkwardly uncomfortable when his young wife was asked why they got married so quickly.

    • Hug Doug

      yeah, he came very close to losing it all in all of his business ventures. fortunately, he was able to pull through… but Musk’s private life has always been a mess. working things out in a marriage isn’t like running a company (particularly when all 3 have major problems at the same time) and his divorce rate reflects that.

  • disqus_wjUQ81ZDum

    Well, at least he got a bit of good news today. NASA has given SpaceX and Orbital both 2 year extensions on their resupply contracts to the ISS.

  • hoyt

    What does MUSK DRIVE??? Probably NOT A TESLA!

    • disqus_wjUQ81ZDum

      Besides a Telsa, he also has a 67 Series 1 E-Type Jag.

    • George C

      he has a car collection that includes a mclaren F1, but his everyday cars are the Tesla S and X.

      Made in USA = #1

  • hoyt

    Watch the Graphite Stock (GPHOF) this Graphite will be needed to make the Ion Batteries for cars and computers. Its the largest supply in the WORLD just discovered inn ALASKA. Ask the FROG! When Musk builds his MEGA battery factory in the south west they will supply the GRAPHITE!I own 50,000 shares at $.13= $1 million

    • George C

      you forgot about the LITHIUM in the lithium-ion batteries!

  • John G

    I have nothing but admiration for this dude. I don’t know if this has been said before but a man that takes no risks is not a man at all but a coward.

  • blackylawless

    After the absolutely yellow journalism hack job entitled “Cleantech Crash” from back in January, 60 minutes is trying to read my mind and win me back.

    Their show last night, though, was perfect. Musk (the consummate visionary and entrepreneur), Michael Lewis’s expose on Fraud Street, and the magical musician, Marcus Roberts (interview by another wonderful musician, Wynton Marsailis). Wow. Hat tip to 60 minutes; still, given the hack job in the cleantech story (and utter fabrications of all that Khosla has done and envisions), 60 minutes is going to have to put out a string to make up for something that is deserving of capital punishment. We’ll see about forgiveness. They just need to crank out more good shows like last night’s to expiate for their grievous sin.

  • Peter

    As late as late 2012, most people thought Tesla would go the way Fisker Karma just did – Bankrupt.

  • George C

    Tesla + SpaceX + SolarCity = Made in California = #1 + Teabagger-free!

    Thank You Elon Musk and God Bless President Barack Obama!

    USA #1

  • Imam Elal

    Yeah, that’s why he did like Hollywood and pumped millions into marketing it into society. Honestyl, I can’t think of anything else that’s been so hyped up over the last 12 months. Yahoo gave them a daily platform and Wallstreet pumped them as much as Facebook and solars. With that kind of help, the product doesn’t matter (and I’m not saying it’s not good).

  • bgrnathan

    NOT MADE BY NATURE! Just because something exists in nature doesn’t mean it was invented or made by Nature. If all the chemicals necessary to make a cell were left to themselves, “Mother Nature” would have no ability to organize them into a cell. It requires an already existing cell to bring about another cell. The cell exists and reproduces in nature but Nature didn’t invent or design it! Nature didn’t originate the cell or any form of life. An intelligent power outside of nature had to be responsible.

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    • Arend Rietkerk

      All life (and evolution) needs to start, is a selfreplicating molecule.

    • Peter Mortensen

      What a pile of rubbish. Genetic information is indeed formed by chance and we have plenty of evidence for it if you care to look in non-creation sources. For example, radiation breeding (random mutations with post selection) has produced thousands of useful mutants and a sizable fraction of the world’s crops…including varieties of rice, wheat, barley, pears, peas, cotton, peppermint, sunflowers, peanuts, grapefruit, sesame, bananas, cassava and sorghum. Our DNA is a long string of memory and mutations can yield anything imaginable. Most mutations are unproductive but not all. Science does not support creation and if you care to go to Plosbiology, Pubmed or other credible sources of peer reviewed science you will face a reality of real science that debunks all that creation nonsense. Shame on you.

  • TomRay

    Tesla is all a BIG Scam–They will run up the Stock, and sell out just before it crashes.
    Moving the emissions from the tailpipe to the power plant smokestack is hardly “Clean”–like sweeping dirt under the rug. And America does not really want an overpriced vehicle no one can afford, and you cant jump in and go on a 500 mile road rip.—–

  • Spoon Team

    Tesla is overvalued and is not profitable.
    Wait there is more… Now they want you to invest more into his giga battery factory. 1.5 billion he says. whoa horsey that’s a lo of your retirement money tied up in a cloud in the sky. Successful business’s make a profit. Audit their books and find out for yourself.
    Right before earnings reports they don’t pay bills, understate liabilities, hide things, lay off people all to get to that fictitious profit announcement. Then claim “acceptable accounting practices” The hell with the cars and technology, what about the false reporting and overall scam. No one is going to say a word until they get burned, then the world will scream for justice and Elon will claim I said the company was over valued to get himself off the hook.

  • Milton Martins

    Homens como o Mister Elon Musk não deveriam morrer nunca. fazem um grande bem para a humanidade. Gostaria de me comunicar com o mister Musk. Como fazer?