Quoted: Microsoft’s Nadella looks to mobile, cloud

“Mobile without cloud is limiting. The cloud without mobile is mostly latent potential. But the place where they meet is magic.”

— Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in a blog post Thursday explaining the software giant’s new two-pronged strategy focusing on mobile and the cloud. Nadella said he wants Microsoft software to be device-agnostic, essentially running everywhere on any mobile device, whether it’s Windows, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. To that end, he announced the long-awaited Office suite for Apple iPads at an event in San Francisco. Microsoft has lagged in the mobile and cloud arenas, and hopes the effort will revitalize its business. “If we can serve customers who expect our Office 365 everywhere … we will do well,” Nadella said, according to ReCode. “In the full arc of time there will be many new platforms that require Office, some small screen some big screen, and we need to be able to aggressively keep moving forward on all of those.”


At top: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks in San Francisco on Thursday. (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)


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