Texas Gov. Rick Perry: the pros of allowing Tesla to sell direct to customers outweigh the cons

In the which-state-will-land-Tesla’s gigafactory bracket, we’ve got four contenders: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. Tesla is currently unable to sell its vehicles directly to customers in Texas. Each state is eager to land the $5 billion factory and the 6,500 highly desirable manufacturing jobs that come with it.

“I think it’s time for Texans to have a very open conversation about this and talk about the pros and the cons,” said Texas Governor Rick Perry in a conversation Monday with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.  “I’m going to think that the pros of allowing this to happen are going to outweigh the cons.”

“Tesla is a big project, it’s a $5 billion project,” said Perry, according to a transcript provided by FOX Business News. “A lot of people are going to be getting their jobs.  And I think the cache have been able to say we put that manufacturing facility in our state is one that’s hard to pass up.  So the general public is going to take a look at this and say, do they think it’s in the best interest for the State of Texas, the people in the State of Texas, whether they are consumers or people who will get jobs from this Tesla plant being built, that we leave that old and some would say antiquated protection in there for the car dealers?  I think it is a conversation that is worth happening, and I think the people in the State of Texas are basically going to say, you know what, we don’t need to be protected.  We like being able to negotiate straight away.  So I think we’re one of four states that’s being seriously considered by Elon Musk and Tesla folks.  So hopefully the legislators and the officials in Texas will have a very open, thoughtful conversation about do we want to lead the country when it comes to manufacturing.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry; file photo by the Associated Press.

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