Box IPO: What’s it mean for @levie’s Twitter feed?

It’s not exactly a surprise, but there’s a lot of excitement today about the S-1 filing by Box, the hot cloud-storage startup that was founded by CEO Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith in Levie’s dorm at USC.

We’ll leave the financial analysis to our colleagues. Here at Silicon Beat, we’re more interested in what the company’s impending IPO means for the 28-year-old Levie’s Twitter account – since he’s a prolific tweeter, known to more than 90,000 followers as a font of both serious and humorous/sarcastic commentary about the tech industry.

Here’s a recent example:

And this one:

It didn’t take long today before Levie tweeted this one, a short time after the S-1 landed at the SEC. It’s a group photo of a bunch of lawyers, who undoubtedly will be scrutinizing his future tweets more closely, once he’s CEO of a public company:

 (Photo of Box CEO Aaron Levie by Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)




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