Quoted: Eric Schmidt for president?

“If he can do it for Google, maybe he can do it for government.”

Justine Tunney, Google engineer, and co-founder of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, on her petition calling for President Obama to step down and “appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America” because he is “very good at running a successful organization.” Tunney tells the Telegraph that she has no illusions about how wacky her demands seem: “I’m fully cognizant of the fact that politicians don’t care what we think, but I think we can raise awareness of radical solutions, the possibility of a regime change and peaceful transfer of power to good corporations that can bring us in to the future.”

Tunney’s petition on whitehouse.gov has only a couple of dozen signatures so far. It needs 100,000 by April 18 to require a response from Obama. By the way, Tunney says in her petition that she has the “utmost respect” for the president, that he has “worked hard to bring its affairs in order. But I’m afraid you’re fighting a battle that can’t be won.”

Tunney is hardly alone in criticizing the government and touting the tech industry — in this case, she calls Google “good,” something not everyone will agree with — as the answer. Some examples that some might deem crazier: PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is a well-known libertarian who has helped fund seasteading as a way to avoid government regulations. Balaji Srinivasan, venture capitalist, wants to secede from the United States and create a tech utopia. And let’s not forget Tim Draper’s plan for six Californias. Maybe promoting(?) Schmidt from Google chairman to CEO of America isn’t so out there. We’ll let Tunney have the last word: This morning, she tweeted one of the reasons why she’s campaigning for Schmidt:


Photo: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt talks about “The New Digital Age,”  the book he co-authored with Jared Cohen, during a talk at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on March 3, 2014. The book explores how the Internet is changing society and governments around the world. (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Gary Doan

    He’s better at spying on Americans than the NSA and he can keep a straight face while avoiding the subject, when asked.