LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner connects with employees, tops Glassdoor ranking of CEOs

Move over, Zuck. LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner is tops among America’s top 50 CEOs, according to a new Glassdoor survey.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, last year’s No. 1, scored a 93 percent approval rating this time around, while Weiner had a 100 percent approval rating. This suggests Weiner connects well with the Mountain View-based professional/social networking company’s employees; employees determine the rankings of Glassdoor surveys.

Among the comments posted anonymously by LinkedIn employees about Weiner:

The CEO is what helps spread the culture. He emphasizes culture. The people you work with are always having fun, and are super supportive.

Culture of complete transparency. Bi-weekly company all-hands with the CEO.

Other Silicon Valley tech CEOs in the top 50 include:

  • No. 6: Intuit’s Brad Smith, who had 94 percent approval
  • No. 9: Zuckerberg, 93 percent (No. 1 in 2013)
  • No. 10: Google’s Larry Page, 93 percent
  • No. 11: Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, 93 percent
  • No. 17: Apple’s Tim Cook, 92 percent (No. 1 in 2012.)
  • No. 49: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, 79 percent

Minimum requirements for eligibility for top CEO rankings include at least 100 approval rankings from February 2013 to the end of January 2014.  The full list is below.


Photo at top: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale last month. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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