Quoted: Jony Ive on Apple’s future

“Yes. I’d stop. I’d make things for myself, for my friends at home instead. The bar needs to be high.”

Jony Ive, chief designer at Apple, when asked whether he would leave the company if it could no longer lead in tech innovation. But Ive said “I don’t think that will happen. We are at the beginning of a remarkable time, when a remarkable number of products will be developed.” In a rare interview, Ive told the Sunday Times that Apple has a “rare quality” and that he hopes its best is yet to come.

Apple executives have historically been tight-lipped, but they have been talking to the media a bit more often lately. Apple CEO Tim Cook and a couple of deputies appeared on TV earlier this year to coincide with the Mac’s 30th anniversary. Ive’s interview over the weekend comes ahead of the Tuesday release of “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs,” a book by former Wall Street Journal reporter Yukari Iwatani Kane. The book reportedly posits that Apple has nowhere to go but down after the 2011 death of its iconic co-founder.

It has become increasingly common these days to question what the iPhone maker’s next big thing is. Also common is the speculation that Apple will introduce a TV set; it’s been talked about by analysts as well as Leander Kahney, author of “Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Products,” which as we wrote came out late last year. But the “Haunted Empire” book says Jobs told Apple’s top executives he was not planning to make a television.


Photo of Jony Ive from Associated Press archives


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  • Bart

    Kane’s book is a hit piece, written for haters, not a shred of truth to it (they should eat it up).