Apple releases updated iOS for iPhones, iPads

iPhone and iPad users, the long-awaited update to the software underlying the handheld devices is finally here.

Apple on Monday released iOS 7.1, the first significant revision to its handheld operating system since Apple overhauled the software last fall. The update includes bug fixes, interface changes and the company’s new CarPlay technology, which will allows iPhone users to access Siri and their apps through the entertainment system in some new cars.

Macworld has a full run-down of all the changes in the revision. Among the more notable new features are a way to view events from a particular day in the calendar app while glancing at a full’s worth of dates and a way to turn Siri off and on manually by holding down the home button.

For me, perhaps the biggest promised change is a fix to a bug that causes iOS devices to randomly reboot every so often, displaying the white (of black) screen of  death in the process. I’m also eager to test the improvements Apple says it has made in the ability of the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor to recognize fingerprints.

Photo of Apple’s CarPlay technology courtesy of Apple.


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