On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s our daily look at tech goings-on in Silicon Valley and beyond.

What employees at Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter have in common: Many of them went to California colleges. A LinkedIn-based look at tech companies’ feeder schools. Previously, Mike Cassidy blogged about another look at feeder schools.

IDC forecasts a big drop in tablet growth in 2014, to 19.4 percent from 51.6 percent growth in 2013.

Judge rules commercial drone flight is legal, throws out an FAA fine against an aerial photographer.

Quartz takes a look at what happens when Apple finds children working in the factories that make iPhones.

EBay/PayPal saga: Carl Icahn says he has only begun to fight in his push to have eBay spin off its payments unit. Marc Andreessen blogs today about Icahn’s business ethics.

A look at the issues raised by the Gmail email-scanning lawsuit.

Twitter filing shows it paid $36 million to IBM for patents.

Turkey prime minister, who eight months ago visited Silicon Valley, is now threatening to ban Facebook and YouTube.

Yesterday, bacon. Today, Oreos. Free custom cookies will be made on the spot at SXSW based on what flavors are trending on Twitter.

Finally, do you have computer vision syndrome? Optometrists’ tips on how to deal.


Photo of Carl Icahn from Associated Press archives


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