The Elysian in Los Angeles: first apartment building in the nation to provide free EV charging for tenants

It’s about time!

Linear City Development announced Thursday that The Elysian, a fancy new 96-unit apartment building in Los Angeles, will offer free electric vehicle charging for tenants. The developer has installed 20 Level 2 Chargepoint EV charging stations and will cover the cost of electricity for the life of every original EV-driving tenant’s lease.

It’s no secret that in cities like San Francisco, there’s a lot of apartment dwellers who would love to go electric but don’t have a dedicated garage in which to charge. Most electric vehicles are driven by homeowners.

“The lack of chargers in apartment buildings is one of the biggest obstacles to widespread electric car adoption,” said Linear City partner Yuval Bar-Zemer. “We want free EV charging for renters to be seen as a standard amenity.”

Rents in the eight-story building, located at 1115 Sunset Boulevard in Victor Heights, will range from $1,500 to $6,500 a month. Parking spaces, offered as an option, will cost an additional $100 to $150.00 each month. An onsite EV car-sharing program will also be available – so some residents may realize that it’s not even necessary to own a car, if they can share an EV with their neighbors.

This being L.A., the Elysian also comes with a 24/7 gym, outdoor yoga deck, and custom-made fire pit.

Photograph of The Elysian courtesy of Zan Dubin Scott.





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  • PaulScott58

    This is a great story! Kudos to Yuval Bar-Zemmer for having the foresight to include free charging for those with EVs.

    I sell the LEAF for a Los Angeles Nissan dealer and I’ve had many potential customers who want to get an EV, but they live in an apartment where the landlord refuses to allow them to install a charge station. I’m happy to hear about forward-thinking developer/landlords like Bar-Zemmer who know that EVs are the future of personal transportation, and offering them free charging will give his building a strong competitive advantage. Those landlords who remain in the petrol age will gradually lose tenants to the better landlords who cater to the more progressive, forward-thinking tenants. This is as it should be.

  • I’m all for EVs and landlords should allow installation of charging stations unless it would be totally impractical for the facility, but TANSTAAFL and there’s no such thing as “free charging”. The bill must be being averaged across all the residents, and I can’t agree with that any more than I would agree to pay part of my other neighbors’ gas station credit card bills.

    • PaulScott58

      Hoohah, I can understand your reticence to “pay” for someone else’s gas, but this is different. The energy comes from the common area electric bill, just like the elevator that will take your neighbors to the upper floors and all the lighting throughout the building. You don’t begrudge those who live on the top floor for getting that “free” electricity by taking the elevator do you?

      It’s a great perk to offer tenants and will encourage more people to switch to electric cars from filthy internal combustion.

      By the way, I assume you drive one of those filthy internal combustion cars. You’ve never – ever – paid the full cost of your gas. The external costs of oil, if internalized in the price at the pump, would double what you are paying, so maybe you should consider that before taking jabs at someone who is actually doing something good for the world.

  • DownThereOnAVisit