Facebook News Feed status update: What’s old is new again

Are you sitting down? OK, here goes. Facebook is making changes to its News Feed. But maybe some will take comfort in this: It’s actually going back to what used to be familiar to its users — a year ago, before the social network switched over to the redesign that it’s now dumping. Got all that?

The new/old design is rolling out in the “coming weeks,” the company said today on its website. The desktop News Feed will look much like how it appears on mobile. Facebook is bringing back navigation on the left side, but is keeping the bigger, in-your-face photos in the News Feed. It will also reportedly get rid of specialized feeds, such as those that showed photos only, or posts from groups.

What’s the point of all of it? “People don’t like us moving their furniture around, because you break muscle memory,” News Feed product manager Greg Marra told the Verge. So Facebook is moving the couch back where it thinks it belongs. For now.


Photo of redesigned newsfeed from Facebook


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