Quoted: And the Oscar goes to… Breaking Twitter

“Sorry, our bad.”

the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences after Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with a bunch of movie stars, and announced she wanted the photo to break a retweeting record. She not only did that — broke President Obama’s “four more years” tweet record of more than 780,000 — she also “broke Twitter” for a brief time as the selfie was retweeted more than 2 million times during the show’s three-hour-plus broadcast.

Are celebrities just spontaneously selfie-absorbed — we’ve mentioned that singer Justin Bieber is quite fond of taking photos of himself, and that actor James Franco has pondered the deeper meaning of the selfie — or was this all planned? Both. Samsung, a big sponsor of the Oscars, reportedly sponsored tweeted celebrity selfies, and DeGeneres took the record-breaking selfie using a Samsung smartphone. But also, Twitter’s post-Oscars report (yes, it had one) shows that excited celebrities tweeted and took selfies on their own. The San Francisco company said there were 14.7 million tweets related to the Oscars during the award show’s broadcast last night. The Twitter report did not address the reportedly brief outage — which brought the company a ton of publicity thanks to one of the world’s most famous shows every year — after the DeGeneres selfie.



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  • UWS_CA

    Lupita’s brother totally photobombed this. Pretty much superstars and then…who?