California report offers companies tips to prevent data breaches

Saying businesses need to do a better job preventing data breaches due to cyberattacks, California Attorney General Kamala Harris has issued a report with suggestions on how companies can protect themselves.

Written with the help of the California Chamber of Commerce and security company Lookout, the report says small to mid-sized businesses are especially vulnerable since many of them “lack the resources to hire full-time cybersecurity personnel.”

Among other recommendations, it advises companies to encrypt all of their sensitive data, install layers of antivirus or other protections, get top management involved in cyber security and teach employees how to help prevent breaches.

It also warns businesses to be especially careful about online banking. That includes requiring two authorized people to sign off on every money transfer and setting up email or text-message notifications “when certain higher-risk activities occur on your account.”


California Attorney General Kamala Harris.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


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