Google barge headed for Stockton?

Google’s mysterious barge may soon be leaving San Francisco Bay for a new home: The Port of Stockton. CNet is reporting the floating four-story showroom, which has been docked on Treasure Island since last fall, will relocate as soon as next week.

CNet says Mirian Saez, head of operations for the Treasure Island Development Authority, confirmed the barge’s plan to move to Stockton. But if true, that’s news to Stockton city and port officials.

Port director Richard Aschieris told the Stockton Record he’s had no contact with Google, and that the barge is not currently scheduled to dock there. City officials were also in the dark.  “I have not heard a thing,” City Manager Steve Chase told the Record.

That’s not to say the barge wouldn’t be welcome. “We have the capability; we have got the dock space; we have everything that I would guess would be required,” Aschieris said. “We’d love to have them if they would happen to contact us and want to explore it.”

Construction on the barge has been on hold since December. Earlier this month, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission said the barge either had to get a permit or move out of the bay. Though well inland, Stockton has a major deepwater river port.

Here’s more from CBS Sacramento:


At top: The Google barge is seen docked on a pier along Treasure Island in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Gary Doan

    If the water shortage continues, it could be landlocked for eternity. The center of the San Joaquin Valley seems an odd place to locate a 6 story barge.

  • alrui

    This isnt going to be a “showroom” as oogle simply doesnt have enough products to “show” unless they want to display one of each model of phone running Android or some such. This is some kind of oddball experiment or simply a data center.